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    Why Us

    Carole &Tayfun have been in business for over 31 years and were the first company in the Fethiye Oludeniz  area of Turkey. to provide wedding planning services to many British couples. Having established an enviable reputation in this area, we then extended our coverage to incorporate wedding planning services in Marmaris,  thereby further enhancing our reputation as the go to company in this area too.  

    We are able to offer future brides and grooms the opportunity to marry in a variety of venues in the beautiful town of Bodrum. Our wedding packages in Bodrum offer hotel and beach locations, all of which will be tailored to meet your own specific requirements.

    Selecting the right venue can be a daunting task, especially when you are located in the UK.  How do you find the right hotel, how do you get to the hotel to discuss your  wedding plans, who do you speak to within each hotel, do they understand what you are really looking for, who arranges the registrar and relevant paperwork to allow you to be married in Turkey? Where will you order your flowers and wedding cake from, who will provide the hairdressing and make up requirements, who will provide your wedding car and guest transport to and from your chosen venue, who will arrange any entertainment you require during the wedding celebration? The answer is, The Carole and Tayfun Wedding Team.

     As we are affiliated with some of the most prominent, top quality hotels in Bodrum, we are able to help you select the right venue for your special day.

    For a small fee, we will transport you to all your short listed venues, introduce you to the key members of each hotel to discuss menu, seating arrangements and décor for the day. We will work with you and the hotel and ensure all your expectations  are met, right up to the day your celebration takes place.

    The Carole and Tayfun Wedding Team will work  with you every step of the way to ensure that your wedding day is the day that you have planned and dreamed of.

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